Fantasy Cricket is back and better than ever for 2017! Entry is £10 with a cash prize of at least £100 for first place.

Updates for 2017

Tired of Commissioner Reynolds hassling you for cash all the time? Those days are over as progressive and forward thinking new Commissioner Budgie takes the reins and revolutionises your fantasy cricket experience with online payment, taken on the site when you enter your team!

Keep an eye out for up to date team line-ups on social media and via the helpful email updates to help you pick the best team possible every week. Up until the start of the season you can make as many transfers as you like. Points from all League and Cup games are counted, so choose your players carefully week to week!

Each week you will have one free transfer (additional changes will cost you 20 points) and the window will remain open up until the night before the game.

Enter today

Enter your team here today! 

This is a great fundraising opportunity for the club so make sure to encourage all friends and family to get involved.

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